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What makes IPBG the preferred Buying Group in ten states?

IPBG gives a unique insight into the problems that pharmacists encounter daily in their practice.


About Us

The Independent Pharmacy Buying Group was founded in 1996 by three independent pharmacy owners: Carlos Rios, R.Ph., Al Gagliardi, R.Ph., and Harold Sparkler, R.Ph.. They were looking for ways to compete effectively against national chains, mail order firms, managed care contracts, and they felt the combined volume of a large number of independent pharmacies would give IPBG the leverage needed to provide its members with the lowest costs of goods possible.


IPBG constantly monitors pricing from full line and generic manufacturers and for the past 25 years has endorsed Amerisource Bergen Corporation (ABC) with its Good Neighbor Pharmacy group (GNP) as its sole source pharmacy wholesaler. ABC has received the JD Power Award for many years. Because our members are using ABC as their primary wholesaler they enjoy the lowest cost of goods possible from ABC.

While a low cost of goods is important, IPBG also does everything possible to make the business lives of our members easier. Whether it is complying with HIPAA rules, Fraud Waste & Abuse regulations, or choosing the least expensive and quickest way to become accredited for Medicare Billing, IPBG researches and assists its members when new regulations or programs are promulgated.








Our Members

IPBG is a member of the Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN). FPN is an association of Pharmacy Buying Groups that negotiates national contracts with vendors. IPBG returns 100% of the rebates from these vendors to our members. IPBG, ABC, NCPA, and FPN are all committed to giving independent pharmacy the ability to not only survive but to grow and prosper.


Our Team




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