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FWA (Instructions 5/18/2012)
21 October, 2019 | Category: Trading Post

Looking to Sell...
  • the Seller agrees to sell any Brand medication for INVOICE PRICE less 20% to the Buyer, and any Generic medication for INVOICE PRICE less 20% according to the PassPort computer purchasing system provided by AmerisourceBergen.  The Seller is responsible to produce a "Pedigree" if requested; 
  • once you agree to the terms and conditions and decide to continue, just follow the instructions by filling in the drug name, strength, quantity, etc.
  • it is the Sellers responsibility to list the correct item or items and that the correct item or items are sent in an appropriate box or shipping package.  All responsibility falls on the seller if package is never received.  All sales are final.  Both parties are to be only currently licensed pharmacies;

  • the Buyer pays shipping charges of $1 per item (minimum of $3) unless mutually agreed upon between the two parties and any insurance charges if wanted;

  • all transaction will be paid by the buyer at time of purchase.  If using Visa, MC, Amex, or Disc. a 2% surcharge is to be added unless otherwise agreed upon between the two parties.  Paying by check is allowed only if the Seller agrees;

  • the Trading Post is only a vehicle to connect a seller to a buyer, to perform their trade, and both parties agree to hold harmless all and any officers or employees of IPBG, Inc. for any liabilities associated with any transactions that occur;

  • if purchasing any Class 2 Narcotics a 222 form must be completely filled out by the seller with appropriate copy to the buyer in a non-conspicuous secure exceptions; 
  • all members/subscribers are strictly subject to all applicable Federal and local State laws relating to the delivery or dispensing of Prescription or Controlled Substances;

  • nothing set forth on the website reduces or mitigates any pharmacist's duties or responsibilities under any applicable law;

  • IPBG, Inc. makes no representation as to the propriety or legality of any transfer made or solicited through this forum.  This forum is to be used only by IPBG members and or subscribers for the sole purpose of transferring prescription or non-prescription merchandise from any combination of member to member or member to subscriber; 

  • IPBG, Inc. does not accept any responsibility for any communication, delivery or other act of any member/subscriber who utilizes this forum for misconceiving the solicitation or delivery of any prescription drug or Controlled Substance; 

  • furthermore, anyone using this forum holds IPBG, Inc. and it's officers and it's employees harmless for any legal action whatsoever.

 You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue. 

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